Mefferd & Associates, P.C.

How Are Fees Calculated?

All hearings are determined by the market value, and the time dedicated to filing a protest and preparing for the hearing remains consistent, whether the appraised value is capped or not. We charge based on the greater of:

1. The difference between the noticed and final appraised value, multiplied by the prior year's tax rate, and then multiplied by a contingency fee.

2. $5 for every $1,000 reduction in market value in cases where the account is appraised as limited or "capped."

Fee Examples:

Contingency Fee Calculation: (1 Above)

Initial Appraised$700,000
Final Appraised$650,000
Reduction in Value$50,000
Tax Rate2.00%
Tax Savings1,000
Contingency %35.00%
Contingent Fee$350

Market Fee Calculation: (2 Above)

Initial Appraised$700,000
Initial Market$800,000
Final Marked$750,000
Reduction in Value$50,000
Market Cut Fee ($5 per $1000)$250