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How are my tax savings calculated?

(Revised; November 8, 2023)

In 2023, our Legislature with voter approval passed the largest property tax savings laws in Texas history. The changes are as follows:

  1) Increasing the homestead exemption from $40,000 to $100,000.
  2) Compressing or lowering all ISD school tax rates across the state by 10.7 cents.
  3) Putting in place a three (3) year 20% "Circuit Breaker" on all non-homesteaded properties valued at less than 5 million starting in 2024.

All hearings are based on market value, and the time spent filing the protest and preparing for the hearing remains consistent whether the property is capped or non-capped. We charge the greater of:

  1) Difference between the noticed and final appraised value times the prior year's tax rate times the contingency fee.
  2) $5 for every $1,000 reduction in market value if account is appraised limited or “capped”.

**If your property has multiple exemptions, this service may not be cost effective for you as we do not take exemptions into account.

Click here for fee examples.

Please describe the property
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If your hearing has already been scheduled, please contact the appraisal district and try to have it changed to a later date, and notify of the new date.
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Purchase Price:
Is the property currently listed for sale:   
Other than the Notice Value, do you agree with the description of the property as reflected on the records
of the Appraisal District?     If not, please comment below: (Limit 150 Characters)
You can upload additional supporting documents here (PDF files or JPG images only). The total combined file size must be less than 15 MB.

If you would like to send additional material documenting the damage and expenses, you can email it to our office at: or mail it to:
Mefferd & Associates, P.C.
884 Tranquility Drive
Heath, Texas 75032

Be sure to include your name, address and property tax account number.
Please specify terms
  Please protest my property taxes ongoing until further notice. I understand that the property tax appeal fee is % of the property tax savings. This agreement commences on  and can be terminated at any time, with either party giving 30 day notice in writing.
 Please protest my property taxes for only. I understand that the property tax appeal fee for a single tax season engagement is % of property tax savings. This agreement commences on  and will terminate on December 31st, .
Please enter your present mailing address
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 I have read and agree to the service agreement below.

Please Note: When you submit this form you will be sent to our Thank You page. If you would like to add another property, just click on the red "Add Another Property" button there and you will be sent back to a new sign up form with your billing details all pre-filled.

After pressing the submit button below, if you do not receive an email confirmation which includes a copy of this agreement then please contact our office.

Please check the captcha below before submitting the form

Please note that 12:00 PM May 15th is the property tax protest deadline unless other arrangements have been made with our office.

Service Agreement

By submitting this form, I warrant that I am the record owner of the property described above or am otherwise legally authorized by the owner of record to enter into this agreement. I agree with the terms specified herein and retain Mefferd & Associates, P.C. to represent me at the Appraisal District in the county in which my property is located to protest the assessed value of the property.

Tax savings are calculated based on the difference between the Appraised Notice Value and the Final Appraised Value times the tax rate in effect during the preceding year, before exemptions. All fees are due upon receipt of invoice and become delinquent after 30 days and are subject to collection costs and interest rate of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance.

Please Note: If your hearing is already scheduled, you MUST contact this office directly by phone to complete your sign-up process. Failure to do so, could result in your account not being worked.

In the event of any material change in the status of my property, I agree to report such changed status to Mefferd & Associates, P.C. at or mail to:

Mefferd & Associates, P.C.
884 Tranquility Drive
Heath, Texas 75032

All notifications including but not limited to preliminary value notifications, hearing results, invoices, etc. will be delivered via electronic mail unless the property owner advises Mefferd & Associates, P.C. otherwise. Properties can be added to this agreement by simply notifying Mefferd & Associates, P.C. Removal of properties must be made in writing, via email, fax or U.S. Mail with either party giving 30 days notice. A material change will include any of the following:

 • New mailing address, telephone number or email address.
 • Sale of property or any other change in the status of record ownership of the property
 • Any modification to the property that impacts its value such as change of use, additions/removals and/or structural defects

There will be no charge if the property tax hearing does not lead to property tax savings or a reduction in market value. This agreement exclusively encompasses informal property tax hearings and property tax hearings before the Appraisal Review Board.

Venue for any action brought in connection with this agreement shall be in Harris County, Texas.

Legal Notice

In accordance with §1.111. Texas Property Tax Code, I acknowledge the following and appoint Mefferd & Associates, P.C. as my designated agent, and place my signature on the Appointment of Agent form 1.111.


As my agent, Mefferd & Associates, P.C. is authorized to sign on my behalf Property Tax Notices of Protest. I understand that I can revoke Appointment of Agent form 1.111 by notifying Mefferd & Associates in writing, giving 30 days notice. Mefferd & Associates is under no obligation to pursue any tax protest if it determines, in its sole discretion, that a tax protest is unsupportable under the facts. I hereby waive any and all warranties, express or implied, and agree that Mefferd & Associates, P.C. liability for any error, omission, failure to act or incorrect statement is limited to the amount actually paid under this Service Agreement.

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